KU Jayhawks Basketball Odds

Whether you’re a University of Kansas alum or just want to support the local college athletes, you may dream of betting on the KU Jayhawks from time to time. Unfortunately, sports betting is still illegal in Kansas, and even though legislative steps have been taken to make it legal, it doesn’t look like this status will change anytime soon.

In the meantime, KU fans can hope that legal sportsbook apps could come in the near future. Plus, fans can always go to a neighboring state to enjoy KU Jayhawks betting odds and legal sports betting via a retail sportsbook. To help you become a more strategic bettor, let’s analyze odds for the KU Jayhawks in detail.

KU Jayhawks Odds At The Best Sportsbooks

SportsbookNCAA Championship Odds
DraftKings Sportsbook Kansas+850
BetMGM Kansas+900
FanDuel Sportsbook Kansas+1000

Where Can You Bet On The KU Jayhawks?

You can’t bet on the University of Kansas Jayhawks in Kansas in any way. Sports wagering is illegal in the state, so you can’t put any money down on sports using an app or by visiting a retail sportsbook. However, you can bet on the KU Jayhawks if you visit neighboring Colorado. Colorado not only allows sports betting, but it also allows you to wager on college basketball games like the matches played by the KU Jayhawks.

This act is somewhat rare in the sports betting industry. Many states with legal sports betting industries, such as New Jersey, allow sports wagering in general, but not if the games have college teams. Therefore, if you want to put your money down on the KU Jayhawks, you’ll need to visit Colorado and download one of that state’s many online sports betting apps.

Alternatively, you can wait for legal sports betting to come to Kansas. It should happen over the next few years given the continued spread of legal sports wagering around the country.

KU Jayhawks Schedule 2022

The KU Jayhawks’ schedule is currently headed toward the NCAA championships. Here’s a breakdown of how the last few games ended:

  • KU Jayhawks vs. 4 Baylor Bears – L 70 to 80 on February 26
  • KU Jayhawks vs. TCU Horned Frogs – L 64 to 74 on March 1
  • KU Jayhawks vs. TCU Horned Frogs – L 68 to 72 on March 3
  • KU Jayhawks vs. Texas Longhorns – W 70 to 63 on March 5
  • KU Jayhawks vs. West Virginia Mountaineers – W 87 to 63 on March 10
  • KU Jayhawks vs. TCU Horned Frogs – W 75 to 62 on March 11
  • KU Jayhawks vs. Texas Tech – W 74 to 65 on March 12

The first round of the NCAA Tournament could see KU Jayhawks vs. TBD on March 17 at 7:57 PM ET. Until the other winners of the leadup games to the tournament are decided, we won’t know who KU Jayhawks will play in the NCAA championship games.

KU Jayhawks Betting News And Updates

  • Following wins over Texas Tech, TCU, and West Virginia, the KU Jayhawks received a number one seed for the Midwest region. They’re set to open the First Four Tournament against either Texas A&M or Texas Southern.
  • Ochai Agbaji has averaged 19.8 points per game in the regular season this year.
  • David McCormack, who was previously recovering from an injured foot, played in the third game of the Big 12 tournament and performed well, increasing his team’s chances of championship success.
  • Mitch Lightfoot was injured during a March 12 game.

How KU Jayhawks Betting Odds Are Calculated

Betting odds for college basketball teams, such as KU Jayhawks, are calculated using the American moneyline formula. In a nutshell, odds with a plus sign (+) next to them are associated with the underdog team or a least likely outcome. Odds with a minus sign (-) next to them are associated with the favored team to win a match or a more likely outcome.

If odds have a + sign next to them, that tells you how much money you could possibly win from wagering $100. If odds have a – sign next to them, that tells you how much you need to wager in order to win $100 in net profits.

Betting odds for KU Jayhawks games and other college basketball events are calculated thanks to the efforts of professional oddsmakers. These statisticians work for bookmakers like DraftKings and use a variety of factors including past team performance and recent news to come up with enjoyable odds for all involved.

Let’s take a look at how odds work for specific wager types so you will know how to read them when you download a popular sports betting app and start wagering.

KU Jayhawks Moneyline Odds

Moneyline bets just have you wager on the ultimate victor of a college basketball match. Here’s a basic example of moneyline bet odds:

  • KU Jayhawks -300
  • Texas Tech + 300

From the above example, the KU Jayhawks are considered to be the favored team to win the match. Therefore, if you want to win $100, you’ll need to put $300 down on a KU Jayhawks victory. That’s because it’s less risky for a sports wagerer to bet on the favored team.

In contrast, if you place just $100 on Texas Tech, you could walk away with a $300 bonus payout for a $400 prize in total. That’s because it’s riskier to bet on the underdog.

Moneyline bets are fantastic for introducing new people to sports betting and they are great ways to practice reading sports odds.

KU Jayhawks Point Spread Odds

Point spread bets and their associated odds are a little more complex, but still relatively easy to grasp. In a nutshell, they have you bet on the margin of victory for a given match. With a point spread bet, you either wager that the underdog team will win a match outright or by any point value or that the underdog team loses by less than the point spread.

Alternatively, you can bet on the favored team. In that case, you have to wager that they will win by more than the point spread. Here’s what point spread odds might look like:

  • KU Jayhawks -300 -7.5
  • Texas Tech +300 -7.5

In this example, the point spread is 7.5, or really 7 points for the basketball game. If you wager on the KU Jayhawks, you’re betting that the KU Jayhawks will win by eight points. If they win by less than this amount or lose, you also lose the bet.

But if you bet on Texas Tech, you will win the bet if they win the game no matter what or if they lose by less than eight points. Point spread bets are a little more technical and rely on an in-depth understanding of basketball points and play to be successful.

KU Jayhawks Futures Odds

Many sports wagerers appreciate being able to bet on future college basketball events like the March Madness bracket contest. The KU Jayhawks’ futures odds concern future game outcomes or even the outcome of the NCAA championships.

Futures odds are typically represented in the hundreds or thousands with + or – symbols next to their values. Therefore, if you put down even $100 at the beginning of the season, you could see a fairly high payout. Odds usually get lower as the teams are whittled down.

KU Jayhawks Prop Bet Odds

Prop or proposition bets are also popular wager types. Odds for these are typically represented as single values, such as +700, -500, +200, and so on. Prop bets simply stipulate that an action will or won’t happen during a game, then you put your money down on whether the proposition is correct. Some examples include:

  • A given KU Jayhawks player will score a three-pointer goal
  • A player will be injured
  • A player will win the MVP award

Prop bets are popular among new sports wagerers and for live bettors. Live bets are usually prop bets since those are the only wagers algorithms can come up with on the fly.

How To Bet On The Jayhawks In Kansas

For now, you can’t bet on the KU Jayhawks in Kansas at all. Instead, you’ll have to go to a neighboring state since sports betting is still completely illegal in Kansas. However, if and when sports betting is ever legalized, you will eventually be able to bet using mobile sports wagering apps and at retail sportsbooks. Retail sportsbooks could be constructed at major sports stadiums or at sports bars, depending on how future legislation shakes out.

Live Betting On The Kansas Jayhawks In Kansas

Should sports betting ever come to Kansas, you’ll also be able to enjoy live or in-game sports betting. In-game sports betting is offered by most popular mobile sportsbook apps these days. With live betting, you can put your money down in the middle of a match by betting on special prop bets with odds derived via algorithms.

Live betting is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy sports wagering online, especially since most apps allow you to live stream games straight to your mobile device screen.

How To Bet On The NCAA Championships In Kansas

You can’t bet on the NCAA championships in Kansas. Instead, you need to wait for sports betting to be legalized in the state or visit other states, such as Colorado, to bet on the college championships games. You can even put money down on the KU Jayhawks or any other favorite Kansas college team you like.

KU Jayhawks Partnerships

There aren’t any new partnerships involving the KU Jayhawks. However, the KU Jayhawks have maintained many corporate partnerships over the years with organizations, such as Farmers Insurance. Check this page often to see the status of sports wagering legalization and other sports news. And we’ll break down any major sportsbook partnerships you need to be aware of.

KU Jayhawks Stadium

The University of Kansas has its college basketball teams play on the Allen Fieldhouse. This indoor arena is located in Lawrence, Kansas, and is home to both the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The Fieldhouse has enough capacity for about 16,300 people. It hosts NCAA tournament regionals games, NBA exhibition games, and even concerts from time to time.

KU Jayhawks Odds FAQs

How are Vegas betting odds for the KU Jayhawks calculated?

Any Las Vegas betting odds for the KU Jayhawks are calculated by looking at such factors as team composition, past team performance, and recent player injuries. Many smaller sportsbooks use Vegas odds as their starting odds to make their odds calculations easier.

How popular is betting on the KU Jayhawks?

It is not very popular because the KU Jayhawks’ primary fans, Kansas residents, aren’t able to wager on them in their home state. However, the KU Jayhawks do see some betting action in nearby states like Colorado.

Do the KU Jayhawks have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

No, because sportsbooks are still illegal in Kansas.

Where can I bet on the NCAA championships in Kansas?

You can’t. Instead, you need to visit a neighboring state that has legal sports betting to bet on the NCAA championships legally.

Who has the best odds on the KU Jayhawks?

At this time, the popular sportsbook app FanDuel has the most profitable odds for the KU Jayhawks winning the NCAA championship for 2022. However, this also indicates that they think KU Jayhawks aren’t especially likely to win the tournament. Other sportsbooks have the odds at a little higher.

Is DraftKings legal in Kansas?

No, not for sports betting. However, DraftKings does offer daily fantasy sports to Kansas residents since DFS is not technically gambling.

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