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Kansas lags behind lots of other states when it comes to legal sports wagering. However, many big operators, including BetMGM, are chomping at the bit to spread into this new sports betting market. You can rest assured that, if sports betting is ever legalized, BetMGM will be among the first to apply for and receive licensure.

If this happens, you will need to know when sports betting and the app will launch in Kansas, so stay abreast of the latest updates and news on this site. In the meantime, let’s analyze everything you need to know about BetMGM, why it’s a great mobile sports betting app, and how to claim the opening bonus when you make a new account.

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BetMGM Kansas Sportsbook Promo Code For February 2023

BetMGM offers a $1000 risk-free bet for all new account holders, which protects you if your first wager is less than lucky. Terms & conditions apply.

BetMGM Sportsbook Kansas Promo CodeTODAY in states where BetMGM is available
Terms And ConditionsIf your risk-free bet is $50 or less, you’ll receive a single free bet credited to your account within 24 hours.
US States Available InAZ, CO, DC, IN, IA, IL, LA, MI, MS, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY
Promo Code VerifiedFebruary 2023

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Let’s break down the BetMGM opening bonus in a little more detail.

In a nutshell, when you place your first bet, you’ll be covered by up to $1000 of site credit. On the downside, if your wager is a success, you don’t get anything from BetMGM. But if your wager is a loss, BetMGM will refund you up to that total amount.

That’s a great incentive for new sports wagering fans to try out BetMGM ASAP! That way, even if your first wager is unlucky, you don’t lose your initial investment into your sportsbook account. Note that the refunded money has to be played through once before you can withdraw it back into your bank account.

However, BetMGM also offers other bonuses and ongoing promos to keep in mind. The sportsbook app has a dedicated promo page, which makes it easy for you to see what betting lines are most profitable at a given moment. These promo and bonus types include:

  • Free bets. For example, BetMGM often offers a Money Monday Club. Players can opt-in and receive a free $10 bet if they wager $50 throughout the week
  • Parlay insurance, which protects you from losing a single leg of a parlay bet by refunding your original stake up to a certain amount
  • Profit or odds boosts for specific betting lines. These reward you for wagering on specific bets throughout the week

Each of these can reinvigorate your gameplay and let you enjoy BetMGM sportsbook far beyond the initial few days after you explore the app and its features. If BetMGM sportsbook comes to Canada, we expect sports betting fans will find a lot to like here just because of these ongoing promos.

Don’t forget BetMGM’s loyalty program, either. This program rewards you for using the app more frequently by giving you points based on how many dollars you bet each week. As you accumulate points, you can spend them on prizes, tickets to sporting events, and much more.

Ultimately, BetMGM does a great job in terms of promos and bonuses for its player base, whether you are new to sports betting or have been using the BetMGM for quite some time.



But how well does BetMGM do in terms of odds competitiveness? Fortunately, quite well. BetMGM’s odds are pretty competitive, even compared to other major players in the sports betting industry like DraftKings and FanDuel. The odds you’ll find on this sports betting platform are posted quickly, have excellent profit margins, and reward you for being risky or betting on the underdog.

Furthermore, these odds are frequently great for comparing against other sportsbooks if you like to line shop. In a nutshell, you can compare BetMGM’s betting odds against the odds of other sportsbooks. Then you can choose the most profitable betting line. In many cases, that’ll be BetMGM, especially when you incorporate the odds boosts mentioned above.

However, note that BetMGM’s odds aren’t the most competitive when it comes to international sports. This could be because of its American focus, but odds for things like soccer tournaments, rugby games, or Australian rules football tournaments are usually subpar or not very competitive.

Generally, you’ll want to stick with BetMGM for American sports betting because of this limitation. This could change by the time Kansas legalizes sports betting, though, so check back before downloading BetMGM a year or so from now!



BetMGM certainly shines when it comes to market depth and variety. Whether you like to bet on major American professional sports, like NFL games, or niche sporting events, like lacrosse games, BetMGM will have you covered with plenty of market depth and variety overall.

There’s a wide range of available sports and bets to place, including moneyline bets, totals bets, parlay bets, and plenty of prop bets. Plus, BetMGM offers live betting in a dedicated section of its site. These live bets use algorithmic odds and incorporate creative props that resolved within a quarter or match half in most cases. They’re great wagers to help you get into sports betting for the first time.

Plus, you can easily search for the exact bet you have in mind or build parlay bets to fit your custom budget or betting needs. This is far and away more customizable and user-specific than what most other sportsbook apps have to offer. 

In some states, BetMGM even has college betting markets for basketball and football. However, whether or not BetMGM Kansas has this is contingent on Kansas’ future sports betting rules. Individual states get to determine whether they allow college sports betting or not, so check this page again once BetMGM launches to see what the case is.

While BetMGM doesn’t have the absolute most market depth and variety – that title belongs to DraftKings, since it also offers bets on things like eSports – it still offers good enough depth for most sports bettors. This is doubly true for Kansas sports bettors, who will more than likely want to place bets on football or baseball games.



BetMGM’s mobile sportsbook has different depositing cash-out methods depending on the state in which you download it. However, most states allow you to make deposits using:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • VIP Preferred account transfers (through the loyalty program)
  • PayPal transfers
  • Play+ prepaid card transfers
  • Online bank transfers
  • PayNearMe terminal transfers

As you can see, BetMGM doesn’t skimp when it comes to payment flexibility. Time will tell which of these methods are available to Kansas sports bettors.

However, withdrawal options are usually a little more limited. On the plus side, you can typically request a physical check from BetMGM when you want to withdraw your cash after a successful day betting online. Overall, online cash withdrawals are faster and easier, and usually take just a couple of business days to go through.

Bottom line: we aren’t fully sure what payment or withdrawal methods will be available for Kansas sports bettors. But in all likelihood, BetMGM will make it easy for you to fund or withdraw with a variety of methods.



BetMGM’s mobile app is widely considered one of the most aesthetically attractive in the industry. It features an easy on the eyes black and gold aesthetic. Most of the major buttons, sections, and controls are laid out in logical, intuitive locations. Newcomers to sports betting shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the right betting lines for their desires.

The app also has a customizable search bar. This is fantastic for finding a specific betting line, betting market, or something else. You can look at what’s trending since BetMGM shows you what is searched by other players. Or you can check out your previous searches if you want to find a betting line you forgot.

On the downside, navigation throughout the BetMGM sportsbook isn’t the best. There are vertical scrollbars in the center and on the far right of the page, which are somewhat clunky locations. They can also be difficult to maneuver if you have a smaller than average mobile device screen.

Furthermore, customer service is available on BetMGM. But you have to answer a bunch of questions before BetMGM gives you access to a phone line or live chat support. This slows you down in many cases when it might be faster to just connect you to a customer service specialist. 

Still, BetMGM’s mobile app is pretty good overall. It has a reasonably intuitive interface and allows you to access your account, specific betting markets, and other major sections with ease.



At the end of the day, BetMGM sportsbook is another stellar mobile sports wagering platform. If it ever comes to Kansas, players will have their hands full and be sure to appreciate BetMGM’s various positives. These include the risk-free bet opening bonus, the ongoing loyalty program, and promo opportunities, and the wide range of betting markets and bet types.

BetMGM’s mobile app is also pretty decent, even if customer service access could be a bit better. Still, BetMGM will likely make funding your account or withdraw money quick and easy no matter where you live in Kansas. Signing up for the sportsbook should also be quick and simple. If BetMGM ever gets licensure in Kansas, we highly recommend checking it out.

Is BetMGM Sportsbook Legit?

It sure is. BetMGM sportsbook can be thought of as a legitimate company because:

  • BetMGM comes from a long and historical betting company, which was originally founded in 1986. This global hospitality and entertainment company is very well known for its trustworthiness and operational flexibility, plus for its signature properties found in Las Vegas
  • BetMGM has already been licensed for operation in several other states. This indicates other state governments trust BetMGM with the money of their citizens
  • BetMGM must always be investigated by a state government organization before acquiring licensure
  • BetMGM is the third-biggest sportsbook by total market share, only behind industry giants DraftKings and FanDuel
  • BetMGM has a stellar reputation, which it has only acquired after many years of successful service and safe gambling operations

All of these factors put together mean that BetMGM is a fully legitimate and trustworthy organization. This is doubly true compared to illegal betting sites.

Why Choose BetMGM Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Since sports betting isn’t legal in Kansas, many players might be tempted to try out offshore or illegal betting sites. This is never a good idea because:

  • Offshore betting sites are the opposite of trustworthy. They aren’t overseen or licensed by any authoritative body or commission, so they can just as easily take your money as they can accept it. If your money or personal information is stolen, you won’t have any real means of legal recourse
  • Even if an offshore betting site doesn’t steal your funds personally, they don’t usually have any good digital security. Therefore, other malicious actors or cybercriminals can take your funds and personal information pretty easily
  • On top of all that, offshore betting sites don’t have great betting odds are action to check out. If you want to spend money and make some profits at the betting lines, licensed, legitimate sportsbooks are the way to go

Because of all these downsides, we recommend not using illegal betting sites even if you are getting impatient for legal sports betting in Kansas.

Why Can You Trust BetMGM Sportsbook With Your Money?

BetMGM is trustworthy with your money for several key reasons, many of which are opposites of the cons of illegal betting sites:

  • BetMGM does have good digital security, ranging from antivirus software to SSL certification. These digital security tools protect your funds and personal information from theft
  • BetMGM, if it ever gets licensure in Kansas, will be regularly overseen and investigated by an authoritative commission
  • BetMGM also has partnerships with major sports leagues and data organizations, so its betting odds are always competitive and enjoyable. In other words, you’ll have a greater chance of making a profit at BetMGM than you will at an illegal betting site

BetMGM Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to wager at BetMGM Sportsbook?21 or over
In what states is BetMGM Sportsbook legal?AZ, CO, DC, IN, IA, IL, LA, MI, MS, NV, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY

BetMGM Sportsbook Kansas FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at BetMGM in Kansas?

No, it is not because sports betting is still strictly illegal in Kansas. Therefore, neither BetMGM nor any other sportsbook is authorized to operate here.

How old will you need to be to bet online at BetMGM in Kansas if it is licensed?

You have to be 21 or older, as this is the legal gambling age around the country.

Do you need to be in Kansas when you place a sports wager at BetMGM Sportsbook?

If BetMGM launches a Kansas sportsbook, yes. The app will use geolocation software to make sure that you don’t place a bet outside state lines.

Can you do in-play betting at BetMGM?

Yes. In states where BetMGM is currently active, the app does allow live or in-play betting.

Does BetMGM offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes, a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000 of site credit.

Can I sign up for BetMGM sportsbook from anywhere within Kansas state lines?

If sports wagering is legalized, yes. You’ll be able to register for a new sportsbook account remotely from anywhere within the state.

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