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Sports betting might not be in Kansas quite yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prep for the — hopefully — inevitable legalization of this popular gambling activity. If sports wagering is legalized in this central state, big sportsbook operators like BetRivers will undoubtedly pursue licensure as soon as possible. Therefore, you are going to want to stay abreast of the latest updates and news posted on this site.

But what if you’ve never used BetRivers or any other sportsbook app before? This page will break down BetRivers in detail and explore what you can expect if it launches in Kansas in the near future.

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BetRivers Sportsbook Kansas Promo Code For February 2023

All new players in states where BetRivers is legally licensed get access to an opening bonus: a 100% deposit match bonus worth up to $250 of site credit.

BetRivers Sportsbook Kansas Promo CodeSHARP250 in states where BetRivers is available
Deposit Match100% Deposit Match Up To $250
Terms And Conditions1x Wagering Requirement (Best In The Industry)
US States Available InAZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NY, PA & VA, CT & NJ (Under SugarHouse brand)
Promo Code VerifiedFebruary 2023

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In a nutshell, when you make your first deposit, BetRivers will immediately match that deposit amount at a rate of 100% up to a total of $250. In this way, you can initially double your wagering cash right off the bat. It’s a great way to try out BetRivers and experience many of its betting opportunities without having to spend too much of your own money.

Note, however, that there are a few strings attached. You do have to fund your account with a minimum of $10. Then, you have to play through any bonus credit at least once before you can withdraw it as cash. Still, this one-time play-through requirement is hardly exorbitant compared to the egregious play-through requirements seen at other sportsbooks, such as DraftKings.

More than that, BetRivers is well-known for its ongoing promotions and bonus opportunities. This makes playing on BetRivers engaging and rewarding long after you have seen everything the app has to offer. Some of the most popular promos and bonuses available include:

  • Profit boosts, which kick in for certain games or during certain sports league seasons
  • Parlay boosts, which give profit boosts on parlay bets specifically
  • Live bet boosts, which are similar to the above but which only apply to live betting opportunities
  • Odds boosts, which enhance your potential for profits on certain betting lines
  • And more

On top of all that, BetRivers also has a stellar loyalty program called the iRush rewards program. In a nutshell, you get a point for every $10 you spend on single bets and another point for every dollar you spend on parlay or exotic bets. As you build up points, you can redeem them for prizes, sports tickets, free bet credit, and much more.

All in all, BetRivers’s opening bonus and ongoing promotions are pretty good from start to finish. There’s a lot to like whether you are new to sports betting or an experienced sports wagering fan who wants a platform to keep them engaged for months to come.



Of course, any good Kansas sportsbooks will have high-quality odds to keep the action fresh and competitive. Fortunately, BetRivers doesn’t score lowly in this regard. Odds on this sportsbook are typically competitive and posted quickly, especially when it comes to major American sports league games, such as MLB games, NFL games, and so on.

That said, BetRivers doesn’t have the absolute best odds for international sporting events. When it comes to betting on international soccer, for example, more internationally focused sportsbooks will probably have better betting odds in general, though this isn’t a guarantee.

In many cases, you might benefit and profit from using BetRivers as a line shopping app. Sometimes, this app has the best odds on the market. Other times, it may be beaten by its competition.

Remember the odds boosts mentioned above? BetRivers posts these frequently, so it artificially increases the profitability of its odds all the time. You should keep this in mind and use BetRivers whenever a good betting line benefits from an odds or profit boost.



You won’t want to spend your time at a sportsbook app that doesn’t have excellent market depth and variety. In BetRivers’ case, you have nothing to worry about. BetRivers offers a huge variety of betting markets to explore, especially markets for major sporting leagues like the NFL or NBA. However, BetRivers also goes above and beyond and offers plentiful betting markets for more niche or specialized sporting events, such as darts, rugby, and so on.

What about international sports? BetRivers does have some international sports betting markets for things like soccer, Australian rules football, and more. There are also betting markets for events such as lacrosse, snooker, and netball. That said, the selection is highly contingent on individual state apps.

That means BetRivers in Kansas could have more or less market depth and variety compared to BetRivers in another state, like Louisiana. The same is true for college sports – it’s up to individual states to determine if sportsbooks can offer college bets to their residents.

Time will tell how diverse the betting markets truly are if and when this app launches in the future. Regardless, accessing different betting markets is quick and simple. Just tap on the betting market you’re interested in, select one of the upcoming contests, then choose the odds and place your wager.

Wager types are also fairly plentiful. BetRivers offers wager types like moneyline, total bets, point spread bets, futures bets, and so on. More importantly, BetRivers allows you to adjust your menu so you can separate wagers by their type. For example, if you only want to check out prop bets, you can do that thanks to BetRivers’ customizable interface.

This is honestly a very nice touch and a significant bonus to the app and its functionality. Both new and experienced sports wagerers will appreciate this feature. 



As with many other mobile sportsbooks, BetRivers has different depositing cash-out methods depending on the state. However, most states allow you to make deposits using methods like:

  • PayPal transfers
  • Credit and debit card transfers
  • PayNearMe terminal transfers

States like Pennsylvania are the most flexible, even allowing you to make online bank transfers to fund your account. We’ll have to wait and see what banking methods Kansas’ sports betting legislation allows, which is likely a few years from now.

When it comes to withdrawals, BetRivers is usually fairly flexible, though don’t be surprised if your withdrawal options are fewer than your deposit options. Again, time will tell just how easy BetRivers makes it for you to withdraw your cash after a great day at the betting lines.



But what about BetRivers’ mobile app quality? Luckily, the mobile app is very intuitive to navigate through (on average) and it loads very quickly. This makes it easy for you to see all the available wagers for upcoming games and events, navigate to live betting, or access your account controls at any moment.

While the app interface isn’t quite as slick as DraftKings’, it’s still solid through and through. The betting slip is easy to access and adding a new bet to your slip is as simple as tapping a betting line you find attractive. While the app does have a search function, it’s not the most intelligent and you may have to do a little hunting for specific app sections or betting lines.

On the downside, BetRivers has a pretty big newsfeed on the screen. This includes information like recent wins by other players on the app. Only a few care bettors about this information, but it takes up a lot of real estate on everyone’s mobile device screens. That can make navigation a little less flexible and streamlined as it otherwise might be. We would prefer this feed to be made a bit smaller in the future. 

Don’t forget that BetRivers offers live betting, like other quality sports betting apps these days. The live betting section of the site can be accessed by itself, and you can enjoy specially made prop bets at any point. BetRivers also allows you to live stream certain sporting events straight to your mobile device screen.

Overall, BetRivers’ mobile app is solid. It may not have the absolute best interface or the fastest response time, but it’s a good choice in general and is competitive relative to the other major platforms in this industry.



As you can see, there’s a lot up in the air about how great BetRivers will truly be if it launches in Kansas. However, the app’s performance in other states leads us to be optimistic.

BetRivers has great betting market depth and variety, excellent bet type choice, and a good opening bonus to draw new account holders to the platform. After you’ve spent a few weeks on BetRivers, you can take advantage of promo odds boosts, parlay bet bonuses, and much more. The loyalty program will reward you for spending more time on BetRivers.

On top of that, BetRivers offers live betting, decent customer support, and good odds. There’s a lot to like at BetRivers, so Kansas residents looking for a first sportsbook app would do well to check this out if it acquires licensure.

Is BetRivers Sportsbook Legit?

Absolutely. There are lots of reasons why you should consider BetRivers to be a legitimate sports betting operator:

  • For example, BetRivers currently has several retail sportsbook locations. These are located in states like Pennsylvania, New York, and Colorado. This adds to its legitimacy since it means that the sportsbook has been investigated multiple times and hasn’t been found to be guilty of fraud or other crimes
  • BetRivers has achieved licensure in several other states already. Again, this means that other states’ gambling organizations have found BetRivers to be a legitimate company. They also regularly review BetRivers to make sure it retains licensure
  • BetRivers has a history of long operation and successful profits from its players. It wouldn’t have that reputation if it was known to be illegitimate
  • BetRivers has partnerships with major sports leagues and other companies. Such organizations only place their trust in legitimate gambling enterprises
  • BetRivers is a broader part of the Rush Street company. This historical gambling company owns several brick-and-mortar casinos in states like Pennsylvania and New York

Why Choose BetRivers Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Given that sports betting is still illegal in Kansas, it could be tempting to check out illegal betting sites. But this is never a good idea because:

  • Illegal betting sites don’t have great betting odds in general. That means any wagering action you do find will not really be worth your time and money
  • They may steal your personal information or funds. Because illegal betting sites are not overseen by any government or authoritative body by definition, nothing stops them from taking any money you deposit into your account
  • They don’t have great digital security. Therefore, even if an illegal betting site doesn’t steal your money, what’s to stop another cybercriminal from doing the same by breaching a site’s antivirus firewalls?

Ultimately, it’s a smarter and safer choice to wait for legal sports betting to come to Kansas than it is to put your money at risk with an illegal or offshore betting site.

Why Can You Trust BetRivers With Your Money?

BetRivers is a much better choice for trusting your money to for a variety of important reasons, including:

  • Top-tier digital security, including SSL certification. This encrypts any data moving to and from the app or the desktop website, protecting your personal information and information about your funds
  • Regular oversight by a gambling committee or commission. If BetRivers is ever licensed by a Kansas gambling commission, it’ll be reviewed for safety and digital security regularly
  • BetRivers also has a reputation to protect. Therefore, they’re invested in ensuring that the funds and information of their users are kept safe at all times

Even in the event that your personal funds are stolen, BetRivers may be able to reimburse you because of insurance. Bottom line: the wait could be another few years but sitting tight until sports wagering is legalized is by far the better choice.

BetRivers Kansas Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to wager at BetRivers Sportsbook?21 or over
In what states is BetRivers Sportsbook legal?AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NY, PA & VA, CT & NJ (Under SugarHouse brand)

BetRivers Sportsbook Kansas FAQs

Is it legal to bet on sports online at BetRivers Sportsbook in Kansas?

No, it is not because Kansas doesn’t allow legal sports wagering whatsoever.

How old do you have to be to bet online at BetRivers Sportsbook?

In other states, you usually need to be 21 in order to bet online at BetRivers. This will be the same if it is ever legalized in Kansas.

Is BetRivers Sportsbook legit?

Yes. BetRivers has a long history of stellar operation and will not steal the money of its users.

How do you get paid if you win at BetRivers Sportsbook?

BetRivers allows you to withdraw your funds using a variety of methods, such as PayPal transfers, credit or debit card transfers, and more.

Can you do in-play betting at BetRivers Sportsbook in Kansas?

BetRivers offers live or in-play betting in other states where it is active. This will undoubtedly be the same if and when it is licensed in Kansas.

Does BetRivers Sportsbook offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

BetRivers currently offers a 100% deposit match worth up to $250 of site credit for new account holders in other states.

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