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The prospect of a legal sports betting market in Kansas just got a bit brighter. Recently, a new sports betting bill passed the Kansas House of Representatives. It’s a good indication that major sportsbook operators including PointsBet might be able to apply for licensure in the next year.

Even though PointsBet Kansas isn’t yet available, it doesn’t hurt to read up on the latest news about what you can expect from this stellar sportsbook platform. In fact, PointsBet could be one of the first to move into Kansas’s market if sports wagering is legalized. In the meantime, let’s break down this mobile sports betting platform in detail.

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PointsBet Kansas Promo Code For February 2023

PointsBet offers a decent opening bonus for all new account holders, part of which relates to its unique form of sports wagering. Terms and conditions apply.

⭐️ PointsBet Promo CodeTBA
2 Risk-free Bets$500 risk-free bet for any fixed odds wager + $1500 risk-free bet for any PointsBetting wager in states where it is legal
US States Available InCO, IL, IN, IA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV
✅ Promo Code VerifiedFebruary 2023

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PointsBet’s opening bonus requires a little more explanation than average. In a nutshell, it’s a risk-free bet offer worth up to $2,000 total. However, the risk-free bet credit is split up into a $500 bet credit for any fixed odds wager and a $1500 bet credit for a PointsBetting wager.

If you place any fixed odds wager within 30 days of making your account, you’ll be refunded for up to $500 in free bet credits. That way, you can bet wildly without worrying about your initial betting cash suddenly vanishing because of some initial bad luck.

The same holds true if you choose to take advantage of PointsBet’s unique betting style called, PointsBetting. This is essentially a form of special wager that we’ll break down in more detail. Regardless, both of these risk-free bet offers are generous and particularly nice for new sports wagering fans who don’t know what to expect or how to make the most of their initial betting credit.

You also only have to play through any credit just once before you can withdraw it as cash. That means, even if you are unlucky initially, you have a good chance of seeing that credit end up back in your account.

PointsBet doesn’t just have opening bonuses to check out, either. In fact, this mobile sports betting app has a dedicated promotions page that’s usually chock-full of new bonus offers and promos. Thankfully, the app allows you to split up different bonuses and promotions by their type or related sport. So you can find the best bonus for your wagering needs or preferences in a matter of seconds.

The promotions available include:

  • Odds boosts, which improve your potential payout for specific betting lines or wagers
  • Moneyback guarantees, which are essentially like more risk-free bet credit offers
  • Good karma payouts
  • Special league-related bonuses

All in all, PointsBet does a good job of giving you lots of great bonuses and promos to keep the action interesting. You have the initial risk-free bets when your account is new, plus other bonuses to take advantage of when your account is a few weeks or months old.



Simply put, PointsBet’s odds are excellent and competitive relative to the competition. When you try to place a PointsBet wager, you’ll find that you have a great opportunity for a profitable payout regardless of whether you like to bet on the underdog or favored team to win a match.

This is true even if you also like to line shop and compare betting lines across several sports betting platforms. In fact, PointsBet has particularly competitive odds for European and international sports (possibly because of its origin as an Australian sports wagering site). That means this could be a perfect sports betting app if you like to bet on international soccer tournaments from Kansas.

Regardless, you’ll find the odds for American professional sports, like NFL or NBA games, and also be competitive here. Kansas residents should feel free to use PointsBet as one of their favorite line shopping apps if and when it launches in the Sunflower State.



Any good Kansas sportsbook should have excellent market depth and variety. Despite its Australian origins, PointsBet sportsbook allows you to bet on practically any sport you can imagine, including major American professional sports leagues ranging from the NBA to the NHL to the MLS to UFC fights to WNBA matches and more. Also included are markets for college basketball and football, which are no doubt a major concern for Kansas sports bettors. Plus, there are markets for activities like golf or tennis.

PointsBet’s international origin serves it well. You’ll find betting markets for all kinds of international sports leagues and events, particularly international soccer. That means betting on soccer tournaments with PointsBet is quick and easy, whether you want to bet on a single match or on the outcome of the World Cup, English Premier League, or something else.

On the downside, PointsBet doesn’t have the best market depth and variety for niche sports, such as cricket or eSports. Still, PointsBet’s market depth and variety are nothing to sneeze at. Odds are most Kansas sports wagerers are more concerned with being able to place the core bets they expect.

Within these markets, you can place all kinds of different wager types, including:

  • Moneyline bets
  • Parlay and single game parlay bets
  • Prop or proposition bets
  • Totals bets
  • Spread bets
  • Futures bets
  • And more

We’d be remiss if we didn’t bring up the titular wagering type for this platform: PointsBetting. In essence, PointsBetting is a form of variable betting. With normal sports wagering, the odds are fixed and affect how much you could win from a successful wager. With PointsBetting, your total potential wins and losses vary up until the end of the bet or match. The more successful you are with your wager, the more money you’ll win. The more wrong you are, the less money you’ll win. 

For example, if you put money down on the Boston Celtics to win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Over the course of the match, the Celtics win by 31 points total. If you wager $10 on the Celtics to win, you would eventually receive $310 (because it’s 31 x $10). Alternatively, if you bet on the Cavaliers to win, you would theoretically lose $310! As you can see, PointsBetting isn’t for the faint of heart. But it can be a great way to reinvigorate sports betting and try something new if you are already an experienced sports wagerer.



Not sure how you’ll be able to deposit funds or withdraw your winnings? Luckily, PointsBet offers tons of different ways for you to fund your account. In total, Kansas sports bettors should be able to make deposits using the following methods:

  • ACH or e-check transfers
  • PayPal transfers
  • Credit or debit card transfers
  • Online bank transfers
  • PointsBet MasterCard transfers
  • PayNearMe terminal transfers

Unfortunately, most states that already have PointsBet only allow you to withdraw your money using PayPal transfers or ACH transfers. If PointsBet partners with a physical casino in Kansas, we expect you’ll be able to cash out at the casino’s cash cage, plus make deposits using the same method.

Your deposit options are a lot more flexible than your withdrawal options. This is par for the course when compared to many other online sportsbooks. Hopefully, by the time PointsBet reaches Kansas, there will be a little more withdrawal flexibility.



PointsBet’s mobile app overall is very well-designed and enjoyable to navigate through. The app is a little different from the desktop website, but not so much that you’ll become confused if you use one or the other.

All of the major pages, including your account page, promotion page, and bet slip are located at the top of the screen. This makes it easy for you to adjust your betting experience and access all of the app’s major features within a couple of button presses. The top page also has all the most popular sports at any one time, making it easy to jump into the action if you are new to sports betting.

PointsBet’s interface is intuitive and relatively easy to navigate through. The dark-colored aesthetic and style also make it easy on the eyes. When it comes to customer support, PointsBet offers both email and live chat support channels. The help section is a knowledge base you can peruse if you have a basic question, such as how to place a sports bet starting out.

Of course, PointsBet also offers live betting to all of its users. We expect this will be the same if it ever comes to Kansas. There’s a dedicated section of the mobile app that lets you put your money down in real-time, then see how the action unfolds. In-game bets are available as prop bets most of the time, and odds are formulated using automated algorithms rather than real linemakers.

All in all, the PointsBet mobile sportsbook app is well-designed and enjoyable through and through. There are no major downsides that affect bettors’ experiences.



Overall, PointsBet is a quality mobile sportsbook that we hope will come to Kansas sooner rather than later. Its unique and titular form of wagering adds a bit of fresh air to the online sports betting scene and is sure to be a bettor favorite in no time.

PointsBet offers good market depth and variety, especially for international sports, an excellent opening bonus, and plenty of ongoing promos to keep the action engaging and interesting for months to come. Live betting and a responsive customer service team round out this high-quality mobile sportsbook app.

Is PointsBet Legit?

Yes, PointsBet is a fully legitimate company and a great potential sportsbook provider for Kansas residents. Why? For these reasons and more:

  • PointsBet is already active internationally, such as in Australia. That means it is already a successful international sportsbook provider and won’t rock the boat or cause problems in Kansas.
  • PointsBet is also already licensed and operational in a variety of other states, ranging from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and more. Those states’ regulatory bodies think PointsBet is good enough for public enjoyment.
  • PointsBet uses excellent digital security to keep both your money and your personal information safe from hackers.
  • PointsBet will need to be investigated and have good antivirus security to be licensed in Kansas.
  • PointsBet has an excellent reputation so far and won’t risk that by participating in any unfair practices.

Why Choose PointsBet Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

However, illegal betting sites are never worth your time and money. You should avoid them because:

  • They don’t have good digital security anyway. Therefore, a cybercriminal can easily steal your money or personal information.
  • An illegal sportsbook itself could also try to steal your money or personal information. Since they aren’t beholden to any government, you won’t be able to pursue legal recourse against them either.
  • Lastly, illegal and offshore betting sites don’t usually have good odds or betting lines to pick from anyway. Therefore, even if you do get lucky and find an offshore betting site doesn’t steal your cash, there’s no guarantee you’ll have a good time.

We know that waiting for a legal sports betting market in Kansas seems like a tall order, but it’s a much better choice than risking your cash and Social Security number at an illegal betting site.

Why Can You Trust PointsBet With Your Money?

PointsBet is a much better bet for your money, presuming it launches in Kansas with a legal sports betting industry. PointsBet uses SSL certification, which encrypts traffic to and from your mobile device, as well as other antivirus measures to protect your funds and personal information. On top of that, PointsBet will be beholden to a Kansas gaming commission if and when it ever requires licensure.

Plus, PointsBet is already proven to be a stellar sports betting app in many other states. It has a legion of loyal fans and has partnerships with major sports teams and organizations. All of these signs indicate that PointsBet is an ultimately trustworthy sportsbook operator. 

PointsBet Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to wager at PointsBet Sportsbook?21 and over
In what states is PointsBet Sportsbook legal?PA, VA, WV, IA, MI, NJ, NY, CO, IL, IN

PointsBet Kansas FAQ

Is it legal to bet on sports online at PointsBet sportsbook in Kansas?

Not at this time because online sports betting is still illegal in this state.

How old do you have to be to bet online at PointsBet in Kansas?

Odds are you’ll need to be 21 or older to place a sports wager in Kansas when the industry is legalized.

Is in-play or live betting available at PointsBet?

Yes, PointsBet offers live betting in all the states where it is currently active.

Can you bet on eSports with PointsBet in Kansas?

No. It’s unlikely that PointsBet will offer esports betting markets anytime in the near future.

How can you get paid if you win at PointsBet?

PointsBet allows you to withdraw your winnings using PayPal or ACH/e-check transfers depending on your preferences.

Do you need to be in Kansas in order to place a bet using PointsBet?

Yes. PointsBet, like all other online sportsbooks, uses geolocation software to make sure you are within licensed state lines when placing a wager.

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